Take TailGate Home


Bring any growler to our taprooms and we will be happy to fill it for you! Fills range from $9.99 for our core beers to $32.99 for barrel aged beers. TailGate glass growlers are also available for $5 in the taprooms and on our online store. Growlers last up to two weeks if you keep them sealed and treat them well. Once open, we recommend finishing them off within two days. 


Keg availability changes frequently, but if you give us at least 48-hours notice, we will find something that works for you! 


  • Core Beers:

    • $150 - 1/2 bbl Keg

    • $70 - 1/6 bbl Keg

  • Special Releases:

    • $200 - 1/2 bbl keg

    • $90 - 1/6 bbl keg

  • High Gravity ( >7.5% ABV):

    • $230 - 1/2 bbl keg

    • $110 - 1/6 bbl keg

  • Equipment:

    • $50 required shell deposit (or an empty MicroStar shell)

    • $60 optional picnic tap deposit to rent

    • Please return all equipment within 3 days :)

Place a keg order by emailing




 We love cans because they keep our beer fresher, longer. That way you always get the best experience possible when you pick up our beers at stores across Middle Tennessee!

 Our 12oz cans are available at Kroger, Publix, Whole Foods, and many more of your go-to supermarkets. If you're looking for our limited release cans, be sure to check out Craft Brewed, Frugal MacDougal, both Filling Stations, RED Spirits & Wine, and Red Dog in Franklin- just to name a few! All are available at both of our taprooms, as well.