Welcome to the TailGate Mug Club!



What is it?

At first, we were the only Mug Club in Nashville. Now it’s our mission to stay the best Mug Club in the city! Discounts. Access. Cred.

What it takes?

$60 and a palate for great beer!


  • Drink from The Mug every time you visit

    • Members only will have .5L mugs to drink out of while at the brewery

    • Honest pour line at 16.907oz

  • Membership card accepted at all TailGate locations

  • $2.00 off all beers and ciders

    • Current retail is $5-$7

    • Taproom prices subject to change

  • $1.00 off All Growler Fills

    • Retail ranges from $9-$13

    • Taproom prices subject to change

  • Discounts to select annual and/or special events

  • 10% off all merchandise

  • Access to our weekly $1 Mug (beer only), Kick-the-Keg Tuesdays

  • Access to our once-a-month $1 Mug, Mug Club Thank You!

    • ALL Mugs are $1 on that day (beer only)

    • Does not include Cider

  • More deals, discounts, and bonuses to roll out throughout the year!Sign Up at your closest TailGate Location today!

Already have your card?

Complete your registration here:


What's next?

Your membership benefits go live the day you sign up!

Mug Club Cards must be shown every time you join us.

These cards will be swiped to enter your discounts on your tab.

If you do not have your card with you at time of purchase you will not receive your member discounts.

Member benefits will apply to only the member. Not your party.

Please don't count on our awesome staff to remember you.